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August 1, 2013 / notsoseemless

The Altered Sonnet

A few times recently some people have asked me stuff like “Why did you decide to make and sell jewellery?” or “How long have you been doing jewellery?”

I feel as though these questions deserve a little elucidation.

Basically, I have always been into working with my hands. Essentially the very first memories I have from childhood are of me wanting to do various crafts or types of art.

When I moved to Calgary as a child, I was having a hard time fitting in. I started then more than ever to absorb myself into my hobbies. I would go to the library when i was 10-12 years old and get books about beading. I would write notes and make diagrams about thread patterns I wanted to try before I would have to return the books.
when I was 10, my dad heard about a store he thought I would love called Beads and Plenty More. I remember saving up money for months since he had told me about it, and that he would take me there. I think it was for my birthday that we went, my birthday is in November, and I remember it was early evening and dark, and I walked into this store with wall to wall crafts supplies and beads. SO MANY BEADS, I tried to play it aloof like, this was no big deal. But that memory has never left me, and I still shop frequently at that store.

Since then I have learned and tried many different types of beadwork and jewellery making. Only in the past couple of years have I decided to make it to sell, because I simply have more knowledge now, and so many ideas and inspiration that I couldn’t possibly keep all of the pieces that I make for myself! I make, make, make, but I just don’t always have the ability to wear everything or keep it all.

I also have started taking some extended studies courses at ACAD -which I absolutely recommend, they have been a blast and the instructors are incredible!- These classes have taught me even more things about how to work with various costume jewellery metals!

For those also wondering, I do have two etsy shops.
I noticed that a majority of my designs were rather historically and sentimentally inspired and more classic than they were trendy. so that store is

I still have my other etsy shop which is

The notsoseemless page is more of my whim creations, and more for the now items. Items I used with leftover metres of fabric, or various current inspirations -a general store, if you will- I currently haven’t stocked that shop as I have been tied up with the new altered sonnet one. But I will always keep you posted when I do!
I have included a gallery of some of the altered sonnet items I absolutely love. and remember, I make everything unique to order, so no piece is ever the same twice!

June 27, 2013 / notsoseemless

Cuba and then some.


Once again, it has been forever since I added a post. A fair amount of things have happened, so if nothing else, my procrastination has its excuses. I have been fairly busy with family lately, for both sad and happy reasons, and regardless of what life brings the time with loved ones has been fun and lovely!

Aside from all the busy, my fashion school pal Liz and I went to Cuba in early May!

For some reason, when I travel places, I have to make things for the trip. I once again made a swimsuit for this vacation, although the silhouette was borrowed, I ramped the design up and used some lovely fabric I picked up a while back. I also made a skirt/top dress that would double as a dress and a swimsuit cover up. And I made a super comfortable and convertible bandeau dress too! I have always wanted to make myself one for a trip and haven’t gotten around to it until this one. I also felt impressed with myself because I coordinated everything I made so well it was almost like a mini clothing line for me on my Cuba trip.

I also managed to color coordinate everything else I brought to wear, so for once I had so many options with what to wear! I can’t believe I hadn’t ever thought of doing that before! After making myself the dress, skirt, and top, I picked sweaters and belts and tops and a handbag that would work with every outfit, so I felt stylish the whole time instead of wondering what level on the tacky-tourist measuring scale I was this time.

I love to have black and neutrals at home to work with colors, but when I am going somewhere tropical, sunny, and warm, I like to keep things colorful, which is evident with the designs I made, and the scheme I used for the trip.

Liz and I luxuriously relaxed on the beaches at Breezes Jibacoa, and I likely drank my weight in slushie lemonades. YUM!

We went to Havana for 2 days and one night on excursion and got to stay at the Nacional Hotel, which is where the celebs stay when they go apparently. That was totally awesome!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

February 14, 2013 / notsoseemless



Shoes (see more pointed shoes)

November 28, 2012 / notsoseemless

Modern Baroque

Modern Baroque

I love lace, and I love the intricacy of baroque type styles. the detail, the dark and historical glamour is all so luxurious and lovely.
I love how it is a trend right now, and I love how in the 21st century we have taken inspiration to a modern silhouette, taken pointers from the past and the result is a new renaissance of something incredibly fashionable.

September 13, 2012 / notsoseemless


Blue 3

Top: Gap
Belt: eBay
Skirt: Joe Fresh-Altered by me @ notsoseemless
Shoes: Sam Edelman via TownShoes

I often have difficulty buying blue when it isn’t denim. Especially blue tops, it is hard to pull them off with denim because you do not want to blend blues to the point where you look like you are wearing some sort of coveralls.

Unless of course you are a mechanic and that is your deal.

I found this Joe skirt a while back, and to give it more form I added some tulle to the lining to ensure it kept an A-line shape to it. I loved the feminine details of the top that has both cascades and a tie, and because the top is fairly loose fitting on me I added a belt to break up the color and add some simple detailing that wouldn’t overpower the outfit. The interest at the neckline holds enough texture to work with the skirt.

I augmented the belt idea with shoes that had a bit of design and a bit of deeper color than the belt to avoid my sandwiching pet peeve.

I can’t wait to make this skirt work with some colors as well, but it was a fairly rainy day when I wore this and I was feeling very subdued.

Keep posted for next week!


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